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 Power Circle Network


What is DIFFERENT about PCN?

Power Circle Network is NOT just another business networking organization, PCN is an organization that teaches you to organize and build your own business network. Furthermore, we teach others to teach others to DO what was just said at no cost. There is no limit to how big and effective your PCN organization can grow.

Does Free work for you?

Every member is really the center of their own Power Circle Network, and can choose to start their own Power Circle (for FREE) or help BUILD their home Power Circle immediately.

You can CREATE your own Power Circle as soon as you are ready, willing, committed and able. Following the PCN System, you learn to DUPLICATE and help others create their own Power Circles. The “Transfer of Trust” comes from building on solid ground, relationship building activity that sustains the growth of your netWORK for LIFE!

You will become exposed to the Slight Edge Philosophy and the 10 Core Commitments once you become a Free Member. You will learn to PLUG INTO the monthly lunches and quarterly market-wide events. You can build your circle and network big and fast if you pay attention and follow the free instructions. There is a small cost to monthly lunches and ATTENDING quarterly trainings/events. It is money and time well-invested with huge potential ROI for those that commit to the slight edge of the system.

As a PCN Free Member you will learn the basics of and to apply the PCN 10 Core Commitments, simply by attending events and inviting your business allies and prospects to do the same.

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